Vera Muzzillo on Becoming an Entrepreneur

February 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

Vera Muzillo understands the difficulties of becoming an entrepreneur. Prior to becoming co-CEO of Proforma, she spent years in the banking industry. With her experience, Vera Muzillo is able to provide awareness of the company’s banking and financial needs. She finds that becoming an entrepreneur has been challenging yet rewarding.

According to James Davis, a professor at the Mendoza College, there are three types of entrepreneurs. The first group of entrepreneurs have an idea or solution that they’ve created and are passionate about. The second kind of entrepreneurs often come from a family business background and are predisposed toward owning their own business. The third group of entrepreneurs have been spurred by the downturn in the United States economy and are looking for a transition in their career.

Jeffery A. Bernel, entrepreneur and instructor at Mendoza, believes that there are four reasons start-up companies succeed or fail. Mr. Bernel believes that a business must have the ability to shift when the economy and market shift. Successful entrepreneurs also have the ability to delegate and the ability to understand the market that they serve. Lastly, entrepreneurs must understand and be able to manage and choreograph cash flow as the business grows.

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