Vera Muzillo Gives Tips to Successful Multitasking

February 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Multitasking is the ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. Vera Muzillo, co-CEO of Proforma, wife, and mother of ten, has learned to master this ability. Having won numerous awards for her leadership and business skills, Vera Muzillo is able to keep up with her busy life while still keeping her cool.

Learning how to multitask effectively is critical to increasing productivity. The following techniques help maximize effectiveness while multitasking:

1.) Bundling together similar tasks saves time. During a transition to a new task, the brain has to shift focus, which wastes valuable time. If the tasks are similar, it is easier to move between them.

2.) Creating a to-do list that is ranked by priority provides a visible reminder of what really needs to be accomplished.

3.) Reviewing new information when multitasking can interfere with the ability to grasp this new material. It is best to take time to go over new information at a later time.

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