Proforma Receives Franchise Business Review Honor

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Prior to joining Proforma in 2001, Vera Muzzillo was a business consultant for more than 15 years at Comerica Bank. With an extensive knowledge in commercial and investment banking, Vera Muzzillo uses her experience to manage the financial and strategic aspects at Proforma as CEO.

For more than three decades, Proforma has provided specialized marketing solutions to businesses. With services ranging from printing to e-commerce, Proforma is a leader in its industry with annual sales of $450 million. The company’s success has earned the organization awards from organizations and publications such as Graphic Design USA, Counselor magazine, and Entrepreneur magazine.

In February 2014, Franchise Business Review (FBR) named Proforma the Top Franchise Opportunity in the category of advertising and sales. Each year, FBR conducts a survey measuring the contentment of franchise owners. With more than 30 benchmark questions, the survey collects data comparing business franchises in like industries and honoring those who excel in franchisee satisfaction.

Michigan’s Brother Rice High School Offers Variety of Summer Camps

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CEO of Proforma Vera Muzzillo oversees a successful company that provides printing services, promotional products, e-commerce solutions, and multimedia services. Outside of her professional life, Vera Muzzillo has enjoyed volunteering for Brother Rice High School. Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the all-boys Roman Catholic institution offers many educational and recreational opportunities for students, including a dynamic summer camp to keep children engaged when school is out.

Designed for elementary and high school students, the Brother Rice Summer Camp offers opportunities for students to get involved in music, academic, and athletic programs throughout the summer. The daytime camps typically run until the early evening hours, ensuring a convenient schedule for working parents.

Among the athletic camps offered, students may choose from football, basketball, rugby, soccer, wrestling, cheering, swimming, and many other intramural and individual sports. Academic camps include speed math and writing. Girls may also participate in certain camps, including cheer, volleyball, and the academic programs.

Parents may register students online or by visiting the main office of Brother Rice. Visit for additional flyers, brochures, forms, and details.

A Short Summary of Wearables Magazine

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Equipped with a long history as an independent business consultant and over 15 years of experience in commercial and investment banking, Vera Muzzillo brings talent and expertise to her present position as CEO of Proforma. In this role, she oversees all technological and financial operations at the company. In addition to her duties at Proforma, Vera Muzzillo employs her industry savvy as a member of the advisory board of Wearables magazine.

Wearables is an online publication which endeavors to update, inform, and advise businesses that manufacture and sell apparel. Each issue showcases chic, new merchandise and introduces current trends in style and fashion. In addition, the magazine gives business owners relevant tips about marketing cutting-edge products and features a variety of articles, advice columns, and colorful graphics.

Released in 10 installments throughout the year, Wearables ranks highly among similar magazines and has won recognition from the American Society of Business Publication Editors.

Vera Muzzillo on Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Vera Muzillo understands the difficulties of becoming an entrepreneur. Prior to becoming co-CEO of Proforma, she spent years in the banking industry. With her experience, Vera Muzillo is able to provide awareness of the company’s banking and financial needs. She finds that becoming an entrepreneur has been challenging yet rewarding.

According to James Davis, a professor at the Mendoza College, there are three types of entrepreneurs. The first group of entrepreneurs have an idea or solution that they’ve created and are passionate about. The second kind of entrepreneurs often come from a family business background and are predisposed toward owning their own business. The third group of entrepreneurs have been spurred by the downturn in the United States economy and are looking for a transition in their career.

Jeffery A. Bernel, entrepreneur and instructor at Mendoza, believes that there are four reasons start-up companies succeed or fail. Mr. Bernel believes that a business must have the ability to shift when the economy and market shift. Successful entrepreneurs also have the ability to delegate and the ability to understand the market that they serve. Lastly, entrepreneurs must understand and be able to manage and choreograph cash flow as the business grows.

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Vera Muzzillo, the CEO of Proforma, an advertising specialty and graphic communication franchising powerhouse, entered into her role in 2000 when the firm was recording annual revenues of about $150 million. Under Vera Muzzillo’s leadership, revenues escalated rapidly, and by 2010 had surpassed $350 million. Both she and her husband Greg, Proforma’s founder, have a strong sense of service to succeeding generations; they both teach business classes at her alma mater, Notre Dame, and Vera Muzzillo enthusiastically participates as a volunteer in the activities of two local schools, Holy Name and Brother Rice.

Located in the Detroit suburb of Birmingham, Michigan, Holy Name Catholic School is a co-educational school serving between 350 and 400 students from pre-school to grade eight. Founded in 1928, the school enjoys an excellent reputation within its community and is supported by an active parent service organization (PSO) that assists the school administration and faculty in a variety of ways, including with social activities, volunteer activities, and fundraising.

Brother Rice High School, located just three miles from Holy Name in the neighboring town of Bloomfield Township, was founded in 1960 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers. It is named for the Christian Brothers’ founder, Brother Edmund Ignatius Rice, and is one of more than 2,000 schools worldwide founded by the congregation. Brother Rice is a non-residential high school which offers a Catholic college preparatory education to nearly 700 young men. It fields athletic teams in 15 different sports and has won 61 state championships since its founding, including the 2012 titles in football, ice hockey, lacrosse, and golf.

Vera Muzillo Gives Tips to Successful Multitasking

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Multitasking is the ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously. Vera Muzillo, co-CEO of Proforma, wife, and mother of ten, has learned to master this ability. Having won numerous awards for her leadership and business skills, Vera Muzillo is able to keep up with her busy life while still keeping her cool.

Learning how to multitask effectively is critical to increasing productivity. The following techniques help maximize effectiveness while multitasking:

1.) Bundling together similar tasks saves time. During a transition to a new task, the brain has to shift focus, which wastes valuable time. If the tasks are similar, it is easier to move between them.

2.) Creating a to-do list that is ranked by priority provides a visible reminder of what really needs to be accomplished.

3.) Reviewing new information when multitasking can interfere with the ability to grasp this new material. It is best to take time to go over new information at a later time.

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